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Hi, I am

Luis Cano

Graphic designer and commercial photographer.

I teach people, content creators and entrepreneurs how to capture incredible images and become professionals. How through photography to highlight all the virtues and values ​​of products and services to the maximum for effective communication with consumers and easily scale their businesses.

Through the content you will find on this page, the courses or the step-by-step training, you will learn how to convey clear ideas by understanding all the components and making them work for you.

Never again will the camera decide for you, it's time to materialize the ideas.

The time is now,
no excuses...

If you are a photographer, you are passionate about this story, you are interested in understanding a little more or you simply love to freeze moments, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU.
No importa el nivel en el que estés.

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My YouTube channel
My YouTube channel

Fun facts!

  • I love to photograph all day long, even if I don't have a camera, I observe the light, the frames, I imagine a scene... Sometimes when I talk to someone I can't concentrate on the conversation because I'm thinking about the photo I'm taking with my mind.
  • I like to learn new things, I think we should share more and compete less. This reminds me that there is still much to receive and much to give.
  • I love meeting inspiring people and stories, they motivate me to fight for my dreams... There are many of us who have started from scratch and continue fighting for that dream.
  • I can't live without music, it just feeds my soul, from the most urban to the most classic. It helps me organize my ideas. Sometimes the silence stuns me.
  • I love examples, they help me understand and make myself understood better.
  • Cinema is what I enjoy the most, many aspects come together creating harmony to convey an idea or a story.
  • I like to sing, even if I don't know the words or it sounds horrible. Unfortunately I don't have the gift.
  • I love to have a hot or cold coffee, or an ice cream, or a dessert... I love coffee in any presentation.
  • I appreciate people's time. Thank you for that moment you dedicate to me, it is something unique that will not return.
  • I love motivated people who want to fight for their dreams and achieve what they set out to do.
  • I don't exercise much, but sometimes I like to skate, jump rope or hit the punching bag.
  • I am shy, but I like to meet people, listen to stories, learn about victories and failures.
  • And it will sound very cliché, but I also love to travel, I like animals and I want world peace.
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